Resurrection Leo Tolstoy

Resurrection - Leo Tolstoy
Автор: Толстой Лев Николаевич
Переводчик: Maude Louise
Издательство: Oxford, 2009 г.
Ответственный редактор: Крыштопенко Феликс Харламович
Дизайн: Чамок Мстислав Гертрудович
Оформитель: Алубаев Мстислав Игнатович
Кол-во страниц: 397
Формат: fb2, pdf,txt

Аннотация к книге "Resurrection"
Resurrection, the last of Tolstoy's major novels, tells the story of a nobleman's attempt to redeem himself for the suffering his youthful philandering caused a peasant girl. Tolstoy's vision of redemption achieved through loving forgiveness, and his condemnation of violence dominate the novel. An intimate, psychological tale of guilt, anger, and forgiveness, Resurrection is at the same time a panoramic description of social life in Russia at the end of the nineteenth century, reflecting Tolstoy's outrage at the social injustices of the world in which he lived. Вы можете скачать Resurrection Leo Tolstoy.

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  • Resurrection Leo Tolstoy

    • Resurrection Leo Tolstoy

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